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Lastest news:
25 Mar 2015
we going to upgrade database for "bult verification" tool on Saturday, verification of files will be stopped for 30-90mins.
25 Mar 2015
fixes for verification process
24 Dec 2013
fixes of verification speed for emails with big number of dead mx records
13 Dec 2013
added: cancellation button, now you can finish verification any time and do not wait until all emails will be verified
8 Dec 2013
fix issue that decrease speed when more then one file per account in progress
7 Dec 2013
added: documentation for bulk verification API, see menu inside account
6 Dec 2013
API for files is ready, it's pretty simple, tomorrow we will provide documentation
5 Dec 2013
added: delete button and progress bar for bulk, new smtp patterns for substatus logic
3 Dec 2013
starting to create API for bulk verification (api for upload files and get results)
2 Dec 2013
review and speed up of re-verification algorithm for "unknown" emails

Welcome to our Online Email Verification service


6+ years of email verification experience

Our email verification service was started as free tool, but due high popularity and customers requests was moved to non-free service that allow to verify huge amount of emails in several clicks.
Manual analysis of email verification process make our tool much better than other online and software solutions.

Easy to use

Few easy steps to start verfication and download result:
  • Login to your account or register new.
  • Add money to your account balance $$$.
  • Upload your csv/txt file or paste emails list
  • Wait until emails will be processed and download/save result

The lowest prices and discounts

  • Initial rate is 0.5 USD per 1000 emails.
  • Discount for regular customers that already verify more then 10,000 emails.
  • Discount for customers that didn't use our service before but want to start big verification.
  • Final verification rate is only 0.1 USD per 1000 emails.

Huge speed and automatic processing

Our current verification speed is 5,000,000 of emails per day faster online verifier of Internet!
Quality and verification speed making our your industrial solution for email verification.

High quality is one of most important part of our service

Our scripts are up to date, and always compatible with most used email servers .
We do not take money for not verified emails or incorrect verified emails,
quality of our service very important for us. You pay only for correct result!

Emails list safety guarantee

Our service using customer's emails for validation only. Emails is private and confidential information that belong to customer, we will not use emails for any other cases or resale/mailing.
It's very important that our customers understand that our service cheap because it is wide used, there are no hidden tricks and all emails will be removed from our service.

Our service is trusted

  • About 70% of our customers who purchase account balance once and do it again!
  • About 42% of our customers who purchase account balance more than ten times!
  • 75 customers who verify more then 30,000,000 of emails.
  • 415 customers who upload first file more the 2 years ago and continue new verifications

Few reasons why software verifiers not so good as our service

  • Software is not always up to date and you need to pay for updates.
  • No quality control.
  • Software taking time of your PC and using your Internet connection.
  • Your IP will be banned and abused very soon (in case of big email list).
  • Your network settings not tuned for verification, so efficiency rating will be low.
  • Some ISP blocking connections to port 25, so you can't use software.

Verify emails in two easy steps!

It's the cheapest offer for online email verificartion
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