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8 Jul
List and bulk processing tools moved into dashboard page.
4 Jul
Added email address location checker
1 Jun
We added invoices for crypto payments on
5 Apr
Tomorrow our service will be not available during 2 hours.[done]
15 Feb
Connections limit increased from 20 to 30.
15 Feb
Prices was updated, but old prices will work until next purchase.
6 Feb
Substatus added into list verification tool
6 Feb
Removing some invisible binary symbols during parsing.
23 Jan
Fixed processing for and emails. Changes in pricing model. Details are in yahoo article.
13 Jan
Added compatibility with TLS smtp servers.
9 Jan
Starting from 15.02.2024 we will accept only BTC and LTC payments. Prices will be increased approximatelly to 30%.
3 Jan
We start to accept Bitcoin and Litecoin payments.
14 Sep 2022
Improved processing for
7 Sep 2022
We fixed processing for files with additional data.
6 Sep 2022
As compensation, we are providing 50% discount for all processing during next week.
6 Sep 2022
Where was issue with auto_increment number in database, it was the reason why all files was with status "incorrect".
15 Sep 2020
Problem that happens on 1 of June is completelly solved.
1 Jun 2020
Today service was interrupted to 30 minutes because of maintenance.
1 Jun 2020
Service currently returning more unknown results than usually, we working on this problem but it will take ta least days.
4 May 2020
Fixed problem with authorization on site (problem appears on weekend, API was not affected).

How to speed up my email verification on bulk verifier

It is possible that verification can be longer than you expected

If you will open our main page you can find information that our verification speed is 5,000,000 of emails per day.
But how to understand when happens that you uploading some file with 10 emails and it processing about 30 minutes!
Your first idea can be that our service is very slow, and second idea that our "speed" is scam.
You can also find that if you will put this 10 emails to "list verification" tool, you will get results in next 30 seconds.
And finally you can decide that our service is slow or it is issue and our bulk verification tool working now properly.
This article will help our customers to understand why it is going and what to do with it...

Why verification of single email can take more than 10 minutes

There are lots of email spam in Internet, that is why biggest part of email services using anti-spam systems and algorithms.
Our service do not sending spam or any emails, but some anti-spam systems and algorithms thinking that we are spammers
and prevent access for us, that is why we creating and using own algorithms that taking more time for verification.
So if our service fail to verify email from first try, it trying to use our algorithms and it taking additional time.
We can do not re-verify emails, but you will have lots of "unknown" emails in results and you will be not happy.

Three common reasons that making your verification longer

  • Greylisting anti spam system. When email service getting connection from sender that did not sent email to this
    email box (email service) before, it refuse connection and answering "we not ready, try again later". In can happens
    during up to few hours before email service will allow to verify email.
  • If your file contains lots of emails from same email provider and we will start "bombing" this provider with speed
    20 emails per second, provider will do dead or will ban us. That is why we have limits for each provider per time.
  • Some email providers like hotmail/yahoo/ watching to connections and if sender/verifier looking
    "suspicious" provider will ban it.

What to do for get verification results faster

You need to understand that if your file contains only emails that "easy to verify" (like @gmail), this file will be
processed very fast... But if your file contains both "easy" and "hard" to verify emails, this file will taking time
until last "hard" email will re-verified, and you will not get results for "easy" emails until "hard" emails also will
be finished. That is why you can split your emails for "easy" and "hard" emails and upload it with different files.
File with "easy" for verify emails will be finished fast, but file with "hard" emails will take much more time.

How can I know what emails are "hard"/"easy" for verify? It is very hard to answer to this question, but "hotmail" emails taking
biggest time for now. So you can find @hotmail., @live., @msn., @windowslive., @outlook. emails and upload it as separate file.
Processing email that related to "yahoo" and "" also taking lots of time.
It is very important to understand that out service working in automatic mode and if you need results "right now",
you can push "cancel" button.
Some of customers thinking that "cancel" means that all results will be lost, but it is not true - our system will generate report
where you will find results for that moment, you can't "resume" file after it was "canceled".
(we do not taking money for not processed or "unknown" emails).

Hope that this article will help you understand how our service working and get results faster. Thank you!

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