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Lastest news:
19 Aug
We updated "billing settings" page and added links to invoices for latest orders.
16 Aug
Added button for save results of list processing into CSV file.
30 Jul
Starting from this week "Saturday and Sunday discount" will be not available.
16 Jul
Improved parsing of statuses for more than 1M+ emails.
28 Jun
Speed up for parsing.
24 Jun
Tomorrow we going to move front-end of service to different server (and IP will be changed), no downtime expected.
24 Jun
Starting from 1 of July we starting to remove all files and reports that are older then 15 days from moment when processing was finished (now is 30 days).
18 Jun
From 22 of June we going to add sub-status "email_exists". Yahoo topic was updated.
17 Jun
Improved functionality for work with "old style" tcp servers.
7 Jun
Upgrade of bulk processing algorithm for avoid situation when "slow for processing emails" slowing down processing of other emails from file.
30 May
Processing of emails restored, but is slow.
19 May
Processing of emails temporary suspended.
22 Apr
Functionality for "long emails" was improved.
12 Apr
Fix for yahoo processing according to changes that was done by yahoo yesterday.
09 Apr
Yahoo processing is restored.
31 Mar
We have a problem with processing of yahoo emails, it is very slow and returning high percent of unknown results. We recommending to avoid processing of yahoo emails and wait for update.
3 Jan
Frontend server was down during 6 hours today, service completely restored, we apologize for this incident.
17 Oct 2018
Improved processing for "" emails.
26 Sep 2018
Service working in "optimal" mode, percent of "unknowns" is low like month ago.
24 Sep 2018
Finishing of files was delayed for few hours because of maintenance in data center.
17 Sep 2018
Percent of unknowns is much lower than two weeks ago, and keep decreasing.
6 Sep 2018
Total numer of active files is limited with 100 files per customer, in other case customer getting "error_too_many_files".
6 Sep 2018
Empty files can't be uploaded any more and customer getting "error_file_is_empty".

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Introducing into Yahoo email verification progress

Today is 18 of June 2019 and time to talk about verification of yahoo and aol emails...
My name is Eric, I am working in department that is responsible for keep service up to date and provide accurate verification for emails that belongs to more than 5 millions email providers.
At moment when our service started to work (12 years ago) - there was no big problems with yahoo processing, yahoo emails was "like all other" emails and task was pretty easy - just open SMTP connection and ask yahoo about email box.
Few years later yahoo decided to change their "SMTP logic", and from that time to verification request yahoo answering something like "this emails is fine, you can continue" even if email not exists.
From that moment it was hard to verify yahoo emails.
Service was stopped for few months, but later we created ESMTP solution for accurate verification and restore service.
This solution worked during two years until yahoo did changes in ESTMP, so solution stopped to work.
Then was solution "number three" that worked one year, solution "number four" that was good about 18 months.
February 12, 2018: Yahoo was merged with AOL - so processing speed for this emails was decreased twice because of two times more emails that belongs to same email provider.

Current situation with Yahoo and AOL processing (18 of June 2019)

We currently have two solutions:
  • 1) Solution that working faster but can not filter disabled email.
  • 2) Solution that working slow but is very accurate even with disabled yahoo emails.

It is looking strange for you, it is confusing you? May be... Another email verification services writing information that will make customer happy but not information how it is in real world.
We did lots of attempts to find service can fast and 100% accurate process yahoo emails and even services where your paying more then 20 USD per 1000 emails can not do that without sending spam to email box during verification. If you know such service - please make us know. If you know solution - we ready to buy it.

Of course we trying to provide as good service as possible so we trying to use both methods for each email.
But number of emails is too big and this is the reasons why verification and re-verification is slow and we have some percent of "unknown" results.
Our service can currently process only 1,200,000 yahoo and aol emails per day, so processing speed per customer is much slower.

New sub-status (from 22 of June 2019)

We want to deliver as many information to customer as we can, so starting from 22 of June 2019 we going to add new sub-status - "email_exists".
It will be commonly used for yahoo and aol emails and even in case if email exists but service failed to verify email for "disabled" we will return this sub-status instead of "antispam_system" like was before.
This is very useful knowledge for our customers because it is much better to know that email exists instead of "oh, it wasn't verified".
In case of this sub-status - status "unknown" will be used, because email existence now mean that it is 100% valid and ready for delivery.
So if email exists but disabled then it will be with status "unknown" or "fail" (with a very high probability), but NOT with status "ok" like on some "email verification" services.

AOL and Yahoo mail account verification is available with:
  • bulk email checker - this is most recommended way, you can verify CSV file with emails (up 4,000,000 per one file)
  • verify email list - created for user's who what instant verification through our web interface (up to 30 emails per click)
  • email verification api - you can verify emails one-by-one from your software or web project

Verify email list in two easy steps!

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