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Lastest news:
12 Apr 2019
Fix for yahoo processing according to changes that was done by yahoo yesterday.
09 Apr 2019
Yahoo processing is restored.
31 March 2019
We have a problem with processing of yahoo emails, it is very slow and returning high percent of unknown results. We recommending to avoid processing of yahoo emails and wait for update.
3 Jan 2019
Frontend server was down during 6 hours today, service completely restored, we apologize for this incident.
17 Oct 2018
Improved processing for "" emails.
26 Sep 2018
Service working in "optimal" mode, percent of "unknowns" is low like month ago.
24 Sep 2018
Finishing of files was delayed for few hours because of maintenance in data center.
17 Sep 2018
Percent of unknowns is much lower than two weeks ago, and keep decreasing.
6 Sep 2018
Total numer of active files is limited with 100 files per customer, in other case customer getting "error_too_many_files".
6 Sep 2018
Empty files can't be uploaded any more and customer getting "error_file_is_empty".
1 Sep 2018
Service giving more "unknowns" than usually, but this is temporary.
31 Aug 2018
Improved handling of smtp servers that closing connection before "HELO" message.
19 Aug 2018
We started to mark disposable yahoo emails with status "unknown" and substatus "unknown".
13 Aug 2018
Fix for very-very slow SMTP servers
12 Aug 2018
Improved verification of emails "from big providers"  that are "temporary down".
4 Aug 2018
Reduced percent of "unknown" results for yahoo and aol processing.
3 Aug 2018
We fixed issue that was during last 48 hours when part of emails with status "fail" was marked with "unknown" status and "unmatched" substatus.
15 July 2018
Improved processing for domains with broken DNS, such domains will be marked with substatus "domain_error" (not "dead_server" like before).
15 June 2018
Improved patterns for sub-statuses, percent of unknowns will be a little lower.
6 June 2018
Improved syntax handling for hotmails.
26 May 2018
Improved handling for "dead" servers.
25 May 2018
Uploaded file and related reports will be deleted automatically after 30 days or after click to "delete" button.
13 Apr 2018
We getting more "unknown" results from yahoo than usually, working on this.
12 Apr 2018
Added processor for speed up re-verification for "little" files.
11 Apr 2018
Fixed problem with bulk processing (when all new files was marked as "incorrect"). We apologize for that and decreasing price for bulk processing to 50% until 18 Apr.
4 Feb 2018
Bulk processing will be stopped for 30 minutes, because of maintenance. [done]
2 Feb 2018
Fixed endless re-verification for emails.
9 Oct 2017
Bulk processing was very slow today (because of problem with dc), fixed.
25 Sep 2017
Some files was delayed after verification, fixed.
12 Sep 2017
Perfomance issue was fixed.
8 Sep 2017
Service is overloaded because of issue with DC, we working on it.
15 Aug 2017
Increased processing speed for "little" files.

Online Bulk email checker,validator,bulk email verify tool

Common information

This is most used way to verify emails. Our online bulk email checker is one of most powerful tool for email verification in Internet.
So how it's working... You just uploading CSV or TXT file to your tool (one email per one line) and waiting for results.
Verification speed is about 5,000,000 of emails per day, we already verify more than 6,000,000,000 emails during last 3 years.
This king of service do not require any specific knowledge, see more information on page of bulk email validator.
online bulk email checker scheme
We strongly recommend to use this tool instead of all our other verifiers, because it's most featured and fast.

Features of bulk email verify

  • High accuracy of results
  • Pay per result (price from 0.2$ to 0.093$ per 1000 emails)
  • Emails list safety guarantee (we will not use emails for any other cases or resale)
  • High speed and automatic file processing, you just need to upload file
  • Anti-Greylisting technology new allow to verify more emails than on other email verification services
  • Eleven sub-statuses new that giving additional information about email verification (for advanced users)
  • The most powerful method of email verification
  • Processing files with additional columns of data
  • Pay per result, so do not pay for "unknown" emails

Prices per 1000 emails verification

Our email verification rate per 1000 emails linked with number of processed entries per your account, see pricing table.

0-200,000 200,000-500,000 500,000-5,000,000 5,000,000-...
$0.2 $0.15 $0.1 $0.093

* If you want to verify more that 2,000,000 emails you can contact us and get lower rate.
** Email verification rate will not be increased, for example if you have process 5,000,000 emails - all next emails will cost $0.093 too.
*** For example, you initially pay $0.2 per 1000 emails, after you will verify 200,000 emails - your next 1000 emails will cost $0.15.
test file and get price for emails verification

Verify emails in two easy steps!

Automatic online email verification
1) Increase your account balance
2) Upload file(s) with lines number not more than 4,000,000 (one email per line)
3) Our script checking for your account balance and starting verification
4) Finally, you will get link to result file (in CSV format)

Manual email verification
1) Increase your account balance
2) Send us email with emails list (up to 300,000,000), we will start verification process manually (speed about 3,000,000 emails per day)
3) We send link to verification process result

Example of input file (see also TXT sample or CSV sample):
text file
or csv file

Example of output file in CVS format:

Email result status list:
ok - email address exist and correct
fail - email address not exist
unknown - we can't verify this email box (you do not pay for it)
Starting from 17-May-2016 CSV files that contains columns with additional data are supported!
test file and get price for emails verification

*** You pay only if API's answer is "ok" or "fail".

Few reasons about why this API better than some local script

  • Biggest part of ISP and servers do not configured for email verification
  • Our scripts are up to date, and always compatible with most user email servers
  • Your server will not be banned by email services
  • High speed of bulk email validator
  • Bulk email verification in easy two steps, all is going as automatic processing
  • This tool is part of My-Addr Project, and we already verify more than 10 billions of emails
Verify emails in two easy steps!
It's the cheapest offer for email list verification!

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