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Lastest news:
25 Mar 2015
we going to upgrade database for "bult verification" tool on Saturday, verification of files will be stopped for 30-90mins.
25 Mar 2015
fixes for verification process
24 Dec 2013
fixes of verification speed for emails with big number of dead mx records
13 Dec 2013
added: cancellation button, now you can finish verification any time and do not wait until all emails will be verified
8 Dec 2013
fix issue that decrease speed when more then one file per account in progress
7 Dec 2013
added: documentation for bulk verification API, see menu inside account
6 Dec 2013
API for files is ready, it's pretty simple, tomorrow we will provide documentation
5 Dec 2013
added: delete button and progress bar for bulk, new smtp patterns for substatus logic
3 Dec 2013
starting to create API for bulk verification (api for upload files and get results)
2 Dec 2013
review and speed up of re-verification algorithm for "unknown" emails

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Yahoo email verification progress

First of all we want to say that our yahoo verification is the most accurate from all other checked software and services.
We proud our current results! There are three type of Yahoo mail account verification:
  • bulk email checker - this is most recommended way, you can verify CSV file with emails (up 1,000,000 per one file)
  • verify email list - created for user's who what instant verification through our web interface (up to 30 emails per click)
  • email verification api - you can verify emails one-by-one from your software or web project
Prices for yahoo account verification are the same as for other emails, our yahoo verification is the most accurate
Anybody know that starting from June 2010, yahoo changed SMTP processing logic so we do not verify verify yahoo email addresses during 10 month.
Now we find solution how to verify yahoo email address, total verification speed will be about 1,200,000 emails per day.
We also do not know how many time our yahoo email validation solution will work, if yahoo email validator will be stopped - we will inform on this page.
In case if some email will be unverified it will be marked as "unknown" and our system do not take money for it.

Verify email list in two easy steps!

Yahoo verification notices

All valid emails will be marked as "ok", all emails that not exist will be marked as "fail".
Some valid email addresses are disabled so during mail send you can get some bounces like this:
: host[] said: 554
delivery error: dd Sorry your message to cannot be
delivered. This account has been disabled or discontinued [#102]. - (in reply to end of DATA command)
The research during long time do not give any solution for detect disabled emails without mail send.
We check some other popular software and services and find that so of it do not verify yahoo at all or having the same problem.

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