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Lastest news:
26 July 2016
Fixed issue with slow parsing after yesterday's changes.
26 July 2016
Improved handling for some domains that will a little decrease % of unknown results.
14 July 2016
We changed DNS servers for better performance, pls make us know if something will going wrong.
01 July 2016
We starting to change IP of site in few hours (for better HTTPS compatibility).
24 June 2016
Fixed bug that slow down processing for "canceled" files.
04 June 2016
Statistics of most popular email providers and domains.
01 June 2016
We changed design for upload form, make us know if it working incorrect (or use ?old_form=1 for old one).
30 May 2016
We removed ":" and "tab" from list of allowed field delimiters for CSV file (bulk verification).
19 May 2016
Changes in design of bulk verification page and added pagination for more than 30 files.
17 May 2016
IMPORTANT: we replace old parser with new one and update prices.
13 May 2016
IMPORTANT: we going to improve our parser, pls test your files on new parser before we replace old one.
06 May 2016
Today service was overloaded with big number of files, so we upgrade "parsing" and now it taking files for parse faster.
25 Apr 2016
Upgraded "contact us" form, looking a little better now.
17 Apr 2016
My-Addr cluster improved with one more powerful server! Make us know if something will going wrong.
1 Apr 2016
Fixed issue when site did not work for WinXP. Pls do not use IE on WinXP or on oldest version of Windows.
31 Mar 2016
Site moved to HTTPS, pls update your bookmarks and make us know if something will going wrong.
31 Mar 2016
Now our API is available with using HTTPS connection, we strongly recommending to use secure connection to API.
25 Mar 2016
Processing of yahoo emails will more slow for next two days.
22 Mar 2016
My-Addr Project was strongly brute forced, but we find solution and now services working fine.
20 Mar 2016
Yahoo SMTP seems overloaded and returning "451 4.3.2 Internal error reading data", it causing delay in verification and some yahoo emails will be marked as "unknown".
04 Mar 2016
Added sub-statuses for 300k different smtp servers that using non standard reply.
03 Mar 2016
Finished testing of improved logic for yahoo emails, now our system will not mark yahoo email with "ok" if it is valid but disabled/discontinued.
17 Feb 2016
Added handling of situation when destination SMTP server is crashing during email verification, we will mark related emails with substatus "smtp protocol".
11 Dec 2015
Added "cancel file verification" for "API: bulk emails verification", see details on description page.
27 Nov 2015
Bulk verification: we added "Display files uploaded during last N days", now you can limit number of files in list or make your page reloading faster.
26 Nov 2015
We working on speed up our system, and now if you uploading files, our system start to parse first uploaded file but will not touch other files until first will be parsed completely.
22 Nov 2015
Starting from next week "Sat-Sun discount" will be 15%, it linked with service loading on this "Sat-Sun".
21 Nov 2015
Increased speed for files that contains emails from different email services.

Verify Email List, online email list verification,validator tool

Common information

This is simple tool for email list verification. Tool created for verify email list of not big size and when you need instant visual results.
scheme for email verification api

So you inputing emails list to text area, clicking "Start Verification" and getting visual result without page reloading.
You can copy-paste it to some text editor, but can not download it as file.
It's very useful thing then you just checking little group of emails, but this tool not compatible with our "anti-greylisting" feature.


  • Verify email account on more than 95% of email services
  • Pay per result (price from 0.2$ to 0.093$ per 1000 requests)
  • Emails list safety guarantee (we will not use emails for any other cases or resale)
  • It's the most simple way, no special skills required
  • Instant verification result for group of emails
  • Pay per result, so do not pay for "unknown" emails

Prices per 1000 emails verification

Our email verification rate per 1000 emails linked with number of processed entries per your account, see pricing table.

0-200,000 200,000-500,000 500,000-5,000,000 5,000,000-...
$0.2 $0.15 $0.1 $0.093

* If you want to verify more that 2,000,000 emails you can contact us and get lower rate.
** Email verification rate will not be increased, for example if you have process 5,000,000 emails - all next emails will cost $0.093 too.
*** For example, you initially pay $0.2 per 1000 emails, after you will verify 200,000 emails - your next 1000 emails will cost $0.15.

Verify email list in two easy steps!

Automatic email list verification
1) Increase your account balance
2) Input your emails list to text field (one email per line)
3) See how our email list validator working without page reload
4) Finally, it will table with emails and verification statuses

It is very easy to use Verify Email List with our tool, you do not need to have any technical knowledge and it's take few of time, see examples below.

Example of emails list:

Example of output file in CSV format:
Screenshot (real form is bigger)
form for email verification

Email result status list:
ok - email address exist and correct
fail - email address not exist
unknown - email server do not allow to check this email

*** You pay only if email verification status is "ok" or "fail".

Few reasons for use our service

  • Lost of email services do not allow to check email if requestor is not valid email server - we working on it, and percent of "unknown" is low
  • Our scripts are up to date, and always campatible with most user email servers
  • Your server will not be banned by email server
  • No special skill require
  • The cheapest price
Verify emails in two easy steps!
It's the cheapest offer for email list verification!

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